Lion Solutions

Speedy Hand Wash    $40-$70

This service includes a premium hand wash, micro fiber hand dry, wheel and wheel wells cleaned, tires and rims dressed, windows and mirrors cleaned with a streak free treatment, and all door jams wiped down to finish the exterior of your vehicle.  For the interior, it includes a vacuum service where air is purged into the carpet/upholstery to loosen and remove dust, dirt, and debris from seat pleats, floor boards, rear shelf, and hard to reach cracks and crevices including all vents within the vehicle. All vinyl and leather seats and components are wiped and cleaned. Special attention is given to the door panels, steering wheel, dash board, consoles, and pockets.  All of this topped off with the fragrance package of your choice.

Deluxe Hand Wash    $65-$85

This service includes all of the perks of the Speedy Hand Wash with the addition of the Showroom Finish. This treatment provides an appearance of brand new, inside and out. It keeps the paint and the dash board shinning as if it just came off of the showroom floor. It is an excellent service to keep the shine between waxes and will not cause any waxy build up or any imperfections to the paint.

Superior Hand Wax     $200-$275

This service includes all services provided in the Deluxe Hand Wash and it is finished with a Carnauba Wax. We use Carnauba wax and apply it by hand to ensure a low friction, smooth finish deep “wet look” result.

Lion Luxury Detail    $300-$450

This is the elite service for your vehicle. It includes everything listed above in the Superior Hand Wax as well as all the extras for your interior. We pre-treat all carpets/upholstery for spots and stains. All areas are shampooed and deep cleaned with a professional extractor that provides intense heat to remove stains and odors. Our profession products are PH balanced and contain optical brighteners for a pristine finish.

Sale Detail    $200

This service is for the vehicle owner that is getting ready to sell. We concentrate on all critical areas that a potential buyer focuses on. This would include the engine compartment, door jams, carpets and seats, trunk area etc. We also add our Showroom Finish to make the paint pop. We address the tires and rims to bring them to their best possible condition. This service can add hundreds to thousands of dollars to the sell price of your vehicle. You can never go wrong when selling a vehicle by preparing it to its full potential.

The following services require an appointment in advance. Please request a quotation via our on-line booking system or via email at We can also be reached via our mobile unit at 916-802-8618.

* Windshield Repair * Leather Repair
* Paintless Dent Repair * Rim Repair
* Clear Bra Protective Film

Please note that prices may vary due to size and condition of vehicle